Energetic Obstacles – Full Moon Journaling Challenge

I am hosting another journaling challenge on lifebalanceyogawellness.com and I will post here also…

DAY 1. Energetic Obstacles

Light a candle. Open your space with intention.

I am becoming more acutely aware of perceived obstacles that are energetic.  They are invisible doorways that I can just walk through once I shift my mindset. I wanted to walk yesterday and I just couldn’t see how I could muster the energy.

I stepped through that energetic obstacle of “feeling too tired” and I received so much energy back from walking the Earth and being in nature for a short 1 mile walk.
So the reflection for this morning is…What is the energetic obstacle?
​Is it emotional ? Is it physical? Mental? Spiritual? What if on the other side you are Ok? More than OK…Empowered.

Being the Rain…

***Update 7/2016

I have had this blog for years as “Notes from the Mat” and after reflection I decided I needed to update it and change the name.  This was inspired by coming to recognize the essence of my writing…which is primarily about chakras, energy and whatever “flows” and comes through.   During a training for Reiki at my studio I said “be the rain, let the energy flow”.  Since then it has become a mantra for our Reiki Practitioners.  It seems to fit for this blog as well…when I write it is often in spurts, drizzles or sometimes downfalls…I can’t force it to rain…I have to just let it rain and when it does I just collect it and often share it here.   So this site will include the usual style of writing …just an updated name.


Be the Rain…Namaste Kerry