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disclaimer: All information on this page is purely my own experiences, opinions or the opinions of others on Yoga, health and wellness. Please consult your Medical Professionals before you make any lifestyle changes or exercises.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. i am a 56 male and wishing to add yoga to my weekly workouts. in order to stretch, improve flexability, and help my breathing and reduction of stress and improve my inner self. i really don’t know where to begin as a guy, is yoga gender specific? is there a good book or video you could recomend?


  2. Hello Kerry! Sorry to have to contact you here, but couldn’t find your email address. Thank you for following my Message Poems website.

    This website was made specifically for National Poetry Day 2016, and now the competition winners have been judged and posted, it will no longer be in use.

    I am therefore writing to each follower, including you, to let you know that my main website will continue to have poems and poetry news posted, and if you’d like to follow that one instead, its address is:


    Thank you for your support!



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