Energetic Obstacles – Full Moon Journaling Challenge

I am hosting another journaling challenge on lifebalanceyogawellness.com and I will post here also…

DAY 1. Energetic Obstacles

Light a candle. Open your space with intention.

I am becoming more acutely aware of perceived obstacles that are energetic.  They are invisible doorways that I can just walk through once I shift my mindset. I wanted to walk yesterday and I just couldn’t see how I could muster the energy.

I stepped through that energetic obstacle of “feeling too tired” and I received so much energy back from walking the Earth and being in nature for a short 1 mile walk.
So the reflection for this morning is…What is the energetic obstacle?
​Is it emotional ? Is it physical? Mental? Spiritual? What if on the other side you are Ok? More than OK…Empowered.

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