Rainbow Message

A shattered quartz crystal reflecting back

The many pieces of me scattered everywhere…

The sun gently reaches out to them

Creating rainbows …out of resistance

Who am I in all of this mess?

I am not in alignment with chaos anymore.

I can’t do it all anymore…

Was I ever actually “doing it all??”

The healing rays of light had a message for me today….

Swallow the rainbow and let it color your world.


Notice Contentment

Surrounded by information, but none of it is enough

Filled with ideas that conflict and confuse

Laughter stops my speeding train of thoughts…

Listening to kids playing outside my window

Content in their skin, content in the moment…

They remind me of a simple truth…

Look for moments of contentment 

Although they may be fleeting…

In those simple moments …

Things begin to make sense


For a short time

Everything is enough


Energetic Obstacles – Full Moon Journaling Challenge

I am hosting another journaling challenge on lifebalanceyogawellness.com and I will post here also…

DAY 1. Energetic Obstacles

Light a candle. Open your space with intention.

I am becoming more acutely aware of perceived obstacles that are energetic.  They are invisible doorways that I can just walk through once I shift my mindset. I wanted to walk yesterday and I just couldn’t see how I could muster the energy.

I stepped through that energetic obstacle of “feeling too tired” and I received so much energy back from walking the Earth and being in nature for a short 1 mile walk.
So the reflection for this morning is…What is the energetic obstacle?
​Is it emotional ? Is it physical? Mental? Spiritual? What if on the other side you are Ok? More than OK…Empowered.